Engineering Consultancy Services

Our focus is on providing the most intelligent, cost effective and optimally performing design for each discipline on every project regardless of size and scope.

Our approach to each project is simplistic and sustainable. We believe that the success of every project is directly related to the strength of our client relationships and commitment to excellence.

We understand that listening to our clients is the first and most crucial step in the creative process. This philosophy is employed by Kromatics from conceptual design to building occupation. We are motivated by our client's need to have their projects designed and constructed on time and within budget.

We utilize a unique team approach, encouraging input from all parties involved in the project: the owner, the architect, fellow staff members, contractors and suppliers, throughout the life of the project. As a result, we develop a clearer understanding of the intent of the project, enabling us to produce a better, more livable design.

Our engineers have extensive experience in designing systems for new construction and renovations, as well as upgrades to existing systems. The combined professional engineering experience of our team covers a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge.

When we started the company in 2005, we wanted to provide our Clients a choice in the level of services we provide. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach to each project, we tailor our services to our Client's exact needs. After 5 years of steady growth and repeat business, we've been successful with this approach.

We are here to help you, turn your ideas into reality, by actively listening to what you have to say and offering you years of experience acquired in “Engineering Services”.

Our objective is not only to satisfy your present needs, but also to help you prepare for the future by orienting our selves to your long-term needs, and finally tailored solutions in terms of performance and cost.

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